Women Travel for Peace: Community-Based Tourism Helping Women Worldwide

By Linda Rivero, President and Founder, Women Travel for Peace


Brazil on Horseback: From Trail Riding to Horseback Archery

By Ariane Janér, Co-founder, EcoBrasil


When travelling through Brazil, you see horses everywhere. According to the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute's 2007 data, there are nearly 6 million horses in the country, which means Brazil has the fourth largest herd in the world.


ecoDestinations Brazil: Home of Biodiversity

By Ariane Janer, co-founder, EcoBrasil

ecoDestinations Western US: Go Native America

Sarah Chapman, Go Native America

Could you describe the experience of developing the relationships which serve as the foundation for your tours?


ecoDestinations Western US: Forever Resorts, Scottsdale, Arizona

Darla Cook, Vice President of Public Relations, Forever Resorts

Tell us about Forever Resorts' environmental education and community outreach efforts.


ecoDestinations Western US: Bentwood Inn, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Keith Sproule, Owner, The Bentwood Inn

As the owner of a lodge accommodating travelers in one of the most important natural environments in North America, what do you do to ensure that guests return home more aware, and empowered to inspire others?


Bardessono Inn and Spa: Going Green in a Practical, Economic and Aesthetic Manner

For Bardessono Inn and Spa, being a green hotel is a conscious choice that does not interfere with the commitment to providing a fully luxurious guest experience.


ecoDestinations Features UK's Best Responsible Travel Experiences

Rediscover the natural and cultural charms of the top international destination!


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