ecoDestinations Western US: Forever Resorts, Scottsdale, Arizona

ecoDestinations Western US: Forever Resorts, Scottsdale, Arizona

Forever Resorts Houseboat

Darla Cook, Vice President of Public Relations, Forever Resorts

Tell us about Forever Resorts' environmental education and community outreach efforts.


As a hospitality business, Forever Resorts procures hundreds of thousands of items every year through thousands of suppliers, artists and vendors. Realizing we too can impact the environment and enlighten and educate many others, we've developed an extensive and comprehensive environmental health and safety management program called Forever Earth that encompasses every Forever Resorts property, our partners, stakeholders, team members, guests, and interactions with our suppliers and vendors.


Forever Resorts partnered with J.V. Manufacturing of Arkansas, to present a recycling baler to the community of Ojinaga, Mexico. This began more than two years ago with the volunteer training efforts of Forever Resorts' team member and former resident of Ojinaga, Rafael Del Campo. Del Campo, who oversees the recycling programs in the National Park for Forever Resorts, volunteered his time to train elementary students of Ojinaga how to recycle in school and the benefits of recycling at home.


Del Campo trains Forever Resorts team members and others how to recycle within Big Bend National Park. His enduring efforts have lead the way by showing others how they can help exend the life of the landfill within Big Bend National Park. When Rafael took on the challenge of leading the Forever Resorts recycling team in 2002 the landfill for the National Park was facing closure because it was quickly reaching capacity.


The first year of recycling they accumulated 19 tons and by 2006 they had recycled 75.6 tons of waste from the landfill and extended the life of the land fill an additional 27 years. The students have trained others in the community to recycle and in less than a year from receiving the donated baler (Sept 07) they recycled more than 282 tons.



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