ecoDestinations Brazil: Bonito Photo Stories

ecoDestinations Brazil: Bonito Photo Stories

ecoDestinations Brazil

By Mikael Castro


"Welcome to the Capital of Ecotourism" read the sign at the entrance of town Bonito, in Brazil's state of Mato Grosso do Sul. A rather ambitions statement, I thought, confident I would find only a few great ecotourism establishments among a pool of green-washed want-to-be’s. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find an amazingly organized, conservation-driven, municipal-wide, policy-driven, multi-stakeholder system for ecotourism.


The key to Bonito's success in ecotourism lies on a delicate balance between tourism businesses and sustainable management of natural resources. All parties recognize that Bonito is an extremely delicate eco-system that can be easily damaged tourism development is not well regulated and maintained.


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Bonito Photo Stories

Bonito wildlife

Wildlife in the Capital of Ecotourism is alive and well. Besides being a bird-watchers paradise with Macaws and Tucans, Bonito also hosts a great population of primates. The monkey in this picture is popularly called "Macaco Prego".


Bonito cave

In Bonito's postcard attraction, Gruta do LagoAzul ("Cave of the Blue Lake"), the site's carrying capacity of 305 tourists per day is rigorously controlled by the unique vouchers.


Bonito interpretation

Our guide, Valdemir Garcia Martins, explains some of the importance aspects of the local flora in Estancia Mimosa. As a 'graduate' of the second guide-training class for Bonito in the early 1990s, Martins is an extremely well-informed and seasoned guide with an unfaltering commitment to conservation. He loves his job and tells us he earns a good living to support his family.


Bonito snorkel

Snorkelers floating down the pristine waters of Bonito’s Rio da Prata


Photos by Mikael Castro



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