The Eco-Friendly Region of Bonito, Brazil, Adds Green to

The Eco-Friendly Region of Bonito, Brazil, Adds Green to

Bonita, Brazil is now a destination

Member Press ReleaseNew York, NY/November 3, 2012 - The tropical town of Bonito ( is one of the more out-of-the-way destinations in Brazil. For that reason – as well as the crystalline lakes, scenic rivers and rushing waterfalls – it is a great place for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and horseback riding. It is also a top spot for snorkeling and diving in Brazil. Whether you’re above or below the surface of the water, as the region is laced with limestone that acts as a natural filter, Bonito’s waters are so clear that views of the Brazilian marine life are simply breathtaking.


Nearly 300 kilometres from Campo Grande, the nearest major Brazilian city, Bonito is well worth the challenging journey, particularly for anyone interested in ecotourism and sustainable travel in Brazil.


All around Bonito, the pollutant-free waters and stark Brazilian Cerrado combine to create arguably one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in Brazil. Much of this land is privately owned, though, and only accessible via an organised Bonito tour. Fortunately, this situation has resulted in a strong model of ecotourism that supports environmental conservation. Local Bonito tour guides bring visitors to the vibrant, underground pools of Gruta do Lago Azul or introduce them to the crystal-clear waters of the Rio da Prata, while simultaneously monitoring and minimising the negative impacts of human contact with the environment.


The goal of the tourism industry in Bonito is to integrate tourist infrastructure into the natural environment by acting with an eye toward sustainability and conservation, rather than as a siphon that drains the land of its resources. Many Bonito hotels, such as Hotel Wetiga, therefore work in harmony with the natural environment through architecture that mimics the natural curves and flowing, watery nature of the region, while also supporting conservation through extensive waste-recycling programs and partnerships with local environmental groups such as Plante Bonito.


BWT Operadora, the local connection in Bonito, is pleased to add Bonito to its list of sustainable tourism destinations, along with Pantanal Sul and Vitoria & Vila Velha. BWT Operadora is part of the larger Higi Serv Group, the largest organisation working toward the cleanliness and conservation of southern Brazil.


Company president Adonai Aires de Arruda says "BWT Operadora is very excited to be partnering up with once again for Bonito, our newest destination in Brazil. We are looking forward to showing the beauty of Brazil to more travellers through this partnership."




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