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The Metropolitan District of Quito, through Quito Tourism, the public entity responsible for overseeing the tourism development in destination, seeks to highlight and recognize tourism businesses that have taken positive steps in improving product and offer tourists world-class services by recognizing them with the Distictivo Q recognition.


Quito’s strategic tourism plan includes a series of initiatives aimed to make the tourism offerings of the city attractive to would be visitors and the city of Quito a world-class sustainable destination.

Part of the plan includes the creation of new tourism products, training of those who work in tourism, maintaining the current tourism offering and developing a policy of excellence and quality of services with the Distictivo Q recognition and other initiatives.


This recognition is strategically developed as a way for Quito Tourism to acknowledge tourism establishments for their work, not only in legal requirements, but for going beyond and increasing the quality in service and tourism offerings across the city.


Initial situation or problem:


Tourists are much more demanding today than years ago, especially as it relates to what they expect from destination and why they travel. As a result, it is important to realize that more and more tourists are looking to visit places that offer an experiential and enriching stay with a humanistic approach. In addition, they prefer well-preserved tourism destination where the environment and local heritage are well cared for.


This has caused a change of view in the tourism industry, which has developed various approaches to the tourism model, including different standards in quality systems, sustainable tourism practices and corporate social responsibility. Consequently, it is necessary for Quito to identify, strengthen and recognize the efforts of tourism entrepreneurs who want to better the offering found in the city and its surroundings.


Implemented solution:


Quito Tourism, as the public entity overseeing tourism development in the Metropolitan District of Quito, has developed a strategic plan to stimulate improvements in tourism services and business management practices, taking into account existing methodologies at the forefront of the issue. Accordingly, since 2011, it implements a qualifying system called Distinctivo Q. The recognition is given to those establishments that meet a series of requirements, these are: having an updated tourist license, proactively maintaining its management, and passing a technical assessment of social, business and quality standards. During the implementation of this project, technical assistance, trainings have been provided in addition to the development of internal auditors as well as the implementation of sustainable tourism best practices at participating establishments.


Quito Turismo SustainabilityResults:


Quito Tourism has joined efforts with local tourism operators to provide tourism accommodations and food and beverages establishments with the Distinctivo Q recognition in the metropolitan area of Quito as well as in the Pichincha Province. Visitors who enter a location with the recognition can be assured that they are supporting companies that are environmentally conscious and are socially responsible while providing high quality services. Companies that obtain the Distictivo Q recognition from Quito Tourism are also featured in special promotions in the city’s officinal guides, website and social media networks.


They will all be recommended by the tourism wholesalers and operators of the main countries sending visitors to Ecuador; receive technical assistance on environmental, socioeconomic, human resources, job skills training and other business management tools.




By improving the rating processes and training through the recognitions an expansion of coverage and influence to other geographic areas has been promoted, allowing Quito consolidating its tourism appeal through higher quality services.


Coverage and influence of Distinctivo Q has expanded into other geographical areas within the province of Pichincha, showing that Quito is a destination that attracts more and more visitors and that is works on the implementation of sustainable tourism development practices.


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