Darwin's Chiloé Tour Now Open to U.S. Market

Darwin's Chiloé Tour Now Open to U.S. Market

Travelers Now Have the Chance to Recreate Charles Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle in Isla Chiloé

Charles Darwin's ChiloeIn a partnership with Darwin's Trails, ToMarket’s Geotourism Journeys is now offering a tour for U.S. travelers seeking adventure that explores the enchanting Patagonia region of Chile – Isla Chiloé.


Surrounding Isla Chiloé - South America's second largest island - is an archipelago with a history spanning an estimated 14,000 years of human habitation and a long study by Charles Darwin during his Voyage of the Beagle. Darwin's journal entries from 1834 to 1835 serve as a foundation for an immersion experience into the surviving indigenous culture and environment of the region.


Guests can enjoy the beauty of preserved Valdivian rainforests, remarkable coastlines, endangered flora and fauna, UNESCO World Heritage church sites predating Darwin's visit, and especially, the Chilote people.


Whether it's riding horseback along white sand beaches, kayaking along the waterways visited by Darwin or engaging with the local farmers and residents, the Darwin's Chiloé tour brings the past into the present as part of a sustainable tourism itinerary designed to share, yet preserve, the culture and nature of Isla Chiloé. Visitors also get a chance to learn about the modern challenges this historic place and the people living there face today.


A variety of options are offered allowing for rigorous or more sedate exploration and all guests (limit of 12 per tour group) will have the opportunity to enjoy Chilote cuisine that includes the famous evening extravaganza of a genuine seaside curanto.


Don't Be a Mere Tourist, Be a Geotourist

Darwin's ChiloeGeotourism has gained attention through several National Geographic Map Guide projects (PDF) at National Park locations around North America. International tourism venues and map guides are now also being packaged to satisfy the demand for active tours that deliver a more interactive experience of exotic, geographically appealing places, peoples and ecosystems.


ToMarket Geotourism Journeys and the Darwin's Chiloe tour both have a primary focus on this concept of geotourism. Information about geotourism areas of interest and news about tourism in Isla Chiloé can be found on ToMarket’s website.


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