Darwin's Chiloé, 12,000 Years to Today

Darwin's Chiloé, 12,000 Years to Today


By Ken Pulvino, CEO, ToMarket Geotourism Journeys

Geotourism adventure launched in Southern Chile

ToMarket's Geotourism JourneyWhen did the last surviving Chono family in the Chiloe Archipelgo disappear according to available records? The year cited on a web site chapter (George Weber), tells us it was 1875. Why does that matter to a geotourist? What could it mean for all of us, our neighbors and the world we currently live in? This is only part of the geotourism tour following the journal of Charles Darwin and being launched from Puerto Varas, Chile this morning.


Pass through a geotourism tour window and you can find out how our fellow humans appeared in this area 12,000 years ago (estimated by archeological evidence at the Monte Verde dig site), what Charles Darwin saw when he traversed Isla Chiloe during his two year investigation (1834-35), and what modern development and challenges face this magical place of natural wonders and charming people today.


The goal of ToMarket's Geotourism Journey - Darwins Chiloé Tour - is to open a time warp for travelers via the experiences of world renowned explorers and adventurers though their actual journals, sketches, notes and other writings that made them esteemed icons of the modern world. For the full impact of these enlightening milestones in our history and knowledge of our planet to be appreciated, guests will be taken beyond the library readings or the typical, glitzy tour drive-by exposures. This leads to a more invigorating, richer and timeless view of the cycles underlying the intrigue of foreign places.


This is done by turning to the great minds of men like Charles Darwin, John Muir and Alexander von Humboldt to peer through an aperture opened in their time (the grand period during nineteenth century of nature writing exploration journeys) and then illuminating not only what they observed but also what took place before and after their landmark publications and theories were acclaimed by the civilized world.


Today, the first Charles Darwin's Chiloé tour starts out from Puerto Varas, Chile, after originally starting this thematic tourism approach by founding the John Muir Highway geotourism project along the route to Yosemite National Park. Darwin's Chiloé promises to be an exciting eight-day excursion covering land and sea travel with timely references to excerpts from The Voyage of the Beagle in Charles Darwin's own words. We will experience the vibrant ecosystems still being preserved in the Isla Chiloé archipelago, as well as the music and culture of the indigenous communities.


Guests will have a chance to savor the tastes and flavors of Chilote cuisine. This new tour venue will include access to many of the resources available from the virtual world of the web to transform traditional touring expectations into a unique, multidimensional and intimately small group experience of intellectually and physically adventuresome guests.



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