Croatia: Sustainable Travel

Croatia: Sustainable Travel




Croatia: Sustainable Travel


by Rhea Franjetic, owner of Cosmopolitan Adventure Tours


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Aerial View of Dubrovik


Those who have visited Dubrovnik, the most famous city in Croatia, and walked the old town between 10am and 2pm were probably disappointed with this Tourist Trap.


The beautiful limestone paved Stradun street was hidden behind multicolored T-shirts guided by even more colorful umbrellas.


How do we practice Green Tourism in such situations?


I find that I cannot always be 100% green escorting my tours.


However, here are some ideas that might apply to other medieval cities you are hoping to visit: 


Stradun Street before 10am


-We stay in small hotels inside the city and enjoy the mornings and evenings when the city is left to its residents.


-We walk the small back streets and shop where most do not amble. These shops are likely run by their owners, as opposed to those on the main street where rents are expensive.


-Find those little family owned restaurants that really highlight the culture in an authentic atmosphere.


-And, above all, ask questions; praise those who take care of their environment and comment if you see objectionable behavior.


See the most visited sites but also spend some time in smaller, tucked away places. Here, you will find those who do not travel often. In these places, what you spend goes directly to the producers. Also, this is probably where you will have the most memorable encounters.  


The back streets of Dubrovnik


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