Climate-Conscious Wings, Mitigating Carbon Emissions by Air Travel to Costa Rica

Climate-Conscious Wings, Mitigating Carbon Emissions by Air Travel to Costa Rica

Peace with Nature

"Resources that accumulated over eons of geological time are being consumed in a single human lifespan. We are crossing natural thresholds that we cannot see and violating deadlines we do not recognize. These deadlines determined by nature are not politically negotiable." - Lester Brown, President, World Policy Institute


Climate Change and TourismThe Initiative "Peace with Nature," which gives birth to the National Strategy for Climate Change, and which plans to convert Costa Rica in a carbon neutral country by the year 2021, asks for great changes and reveals big challenges to be overcome.


This proposal invites us to redefine and re-invent our creative capacities in order to assume the greatest task human kind has ever faced both as a victimizer and as victim at the same time: to overcome the self imposed threat of climate change and global warming.


If we take climate into consideration, and the incredible amounts of CO2 emissions wide bodied jet planes produce, we know, that we should also be accountable for and assume the responsibility of the externally caused by international air travel to Costa Rica. These emissions occur on behalf of our guests that visit our destination in order to enjoy our natural treasures and in order to support us in the conservation effort of these unique natural resources they visit.


More than a Carbon Neutral country, CANAECO believes that we should become a Carbon Neutral Destination!


>> Download full article by Jürgen Stein, CANAECO, Comité Cambio Climático



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