Climate Change and the Tourism Industry: A North American Stakeholder Meeting

Climate Change and the Tourism Industry: A North American Stakeholder Meeting

Climate Change and Tourism: North American Stakeholder Meeting

Climate Change and TourismA cross-industry dialogue for research dissemination and perspective exchanges on challenges and lessons learned:


Friday September 28, 2007

Part One: 9:00-10:30

Part Two: 11:00-12:30

Stakeholder Meeting Purpose

This stakeholder meeting is a continuation of the TIES advocacy campaign 'Traveling with Climate in Mind'. The overarching campaign and this specific event focus on the topic of tourism's contribution to global warming. TIES Advocacy Campaign in conjunction with the University of Eberswalde and CESD produced the "Sustainable Transportation Guidelines for Nature-based Tour Operators"


The meeting's stakeholders will discuss how these relate to certification programs and how the guidelines could be adjusted to include more directly industry needs. The meeting will also ask stakeholders to discuss how they believe travel businesses can address the carbon crises and if a Travel Business "How-To" Manual for the lowering of carbon impacts and web seminar could serve the travel industry.

Stakeholder Panelists and Participants

A panel of diverse representatives from various travel sectors including, sustainable accommodation and tour operators, government and transportation sectors, non-profit managers, researchers and alternate energy and carbon offset organizations will facilitate and engage in the discussions. The stakeholder participants will include approximately industry leaders also representing a wide range of stakeholders.

Meeting Format

Invited panelists will open with brief overviews of their individual and sector specific experiences with climate change, carbon management, mitigation and adaptation within North America and global contexts. The event design will promote candid and focused dialogue on the industry impact on the climate challenge.


Stakeholder Meeting Part One: 9:00-10:30

  • Internal Corporate Management of Carbon
    • Where is carbon generated by travel companies?
    • What are some of the best means of reducing carbon?
    • What are some of the tools for companies to reduce carbon?
    • What are some the actions companies might consider to reduce carbon?
  • Voluntary Carbon Offsets
    • What are the international standards included for a carbon offset program?
    • What standards are out there now and how are they evolving?
    • What kind of regulations are upcoming and what are the affects?

Stakeholder Meeting Part Two: 11:00-12:30 

  • Sustainable Transportation Guidelines
    • Review and discuss the Draft of the Guidelines
    • How can the guidelines assist in contributing to this solution?
    • How can a transport policy assist travel companies?
    • What are the options and how do the Guidelines reflect these?
    • What are the tools needed to assist (manual?)
  • Impacts of a Carbon/Friendly Program on the Travel Industry
    • How will this affect destinations and how can these impacts be mitigated?
    • Will there be economic winners and losers?
    • Who should have the right to comment on industry guidelines in the future?
    • How can the travel industry organize itself to deal with the climate crises?


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