Chobe Game Lodge Sets Industry Standards in Botswana

Chobe Game Lodge Sets Industry Standards in Botswana


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Since the Chobe Game Lodge was first constructed in the 1970s, they have worked to develop responsible tourism initiatives.  The lodge is located in Chobe National Park, which is an essential safari destination. There, you can find a huge concentration of wildlife living amongst riparian forests, fan palms, papyrus, woodlands, floodplain grasses, and reeds. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of elephants at one time as they cross the floodplains. Often, you might witness battles over territory between hyenas and lions, with jackals waiting patiently for leftovers.  And if you’re lucky, you might catch sight of a pangolin, a critically endangered scaly anteanter, just before it dashes undercover.


In order to take in the ever-changing African landscape, the Chobe Game Lodge recently built a sustainable boardwalk and deck. Roughly, 2.1 million plastic bags were converted into plastic timber, recycling an otherwise harmful waste product and saving trees. The lodge also boasts a variety of other ecotourism projects, including a bio-gas plant, a recycled glass bottles to bricks program, and a grey water recycling plant.


In 2005, the management team noted that there was a lack of female guides on their safari expeditions. However, it was a challenge to find qualified candidates, as there were only 10 female guides in all of Botswana. So, along with the Botswana Wildlife Institute, they created a strategy to give women classroom lessons and then practical job training at the lodge. Less than 10 years later, and the Chobe Game Lodge has a full team of 14 female guides they call the “Chobe Angels.”


On October 31st, Chobe Game Lodge is excited to announce their first C02 emission and noise-free 4WD vehicle and boat, with a goal of creating an all electrical game viewing fleet. This initiative is important by limiting the usage of fossil fuels and noise, which is disruptive to wildlife.


From utilizing sustainable construction practices, to being an equal opportunity employer, to having environmentally friendly transportation services, the Chobe Game Lodge sets the precedent for ecotourism practices in Botswana.  While there, be sure to check out their Ecotours for a behind-the-scenes look at their sustainable tourism practices!


To learn more about Chobe Game Lodge’s ecotourism efforts, please visit their website.





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