Call for Proposals: Contribute to the International Handbook on Tourism and Peace

Call for Proposals: Contribute to the International Handbook on Tourism and Peace

Tourism and Peace

tourism and peaceAs part of their "Tourism and Peace" initiative, the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UNWTO) and the Centre for Peace Research and Peace Education of the University of Klagenfurt, Austria will be publishing an International Handbook on Tourism and Peace at the end of 2013.  The handbook will be a compilation of current knowledge and will provide an overview of the most important areas of work and research on tourism as a potential tool in peace building efforts as well as how tourism can potentially cause conflict.


As part of this project, international experts in the field of tourism and/or peace are invited to contribute to the handbook with case studies from various regions of the world in order to showcase how and under which conditions tourism can and cannot contribute to peace.


Proposals should be based on examples and case studies that highlight concrete successful and/or unsuccessful efforts, projects, endeavors and/or innovative undertakings of the tourism sector that aim to foster peace in general or overcome a specific conflict in a country, region or local community, cross-border zones, or on an international level.  Case studies should be from one of the following regions: Africa, Europa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East.


How to Submit a Proposal

Proposals can be submitted via mail or email by April 15, 2013 to:


Ms. Cordula Wohlmuther, Project Coordinator for "Tourism and Peace"

University of Klagenfurt Center for Peace Research and Peace Education

Universitaetsstraße 65-67

9020 Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA

Email: cordula.wohlmuther[at]

Phone: +43 (0) 463 2700 8651


Proposals should include the following and must be written in English:

  • Author's or institution's contact details and biography
  • Paper title and abstract including an outline on a certain case along with preliminary conclusions and concrete recommendations (max. 2,500 characters or 1-1.5 pages).

Selected authors will be notified in mid-May and invited to submit full articles.




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