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Exploring the City Streets of Delhi with Teens Who Have Lived Them

For children with no home, life is a fast train to nowhere. Salaam Baalak Trust works to restore them to the world of childhood, take them from a lonely dead-end to bonding, learning and the joy of a professional life.

Chilika Lake: Birder's Paradise in Orissa, India

Chilika Lake, Asia's largest estuarine lagoon hosts over a million birds every winter. Migratory waterfowl wing in from places as far away as Siberia to jostle resident species over freshwater wetland. Water lilies open with the rising sun and a symphony of bird calls flutter to our ears.


Women Travel for Peace: Community-Based Tourism Helping Women Worldwide

By Linda Rivero, President and Founder, Women Travel for Peace


Brazil on Horseback: From Trail Riding to Horseback Archery

By Ariane Janér, Co-founder, EcoBrasil


When travelling through Brazil, you see horses everywhere. According to the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute's 2007 data, there are nearly 6 million horses in the country, which means Brazil has the fourth largest herd in the world.


ecoDestinations Brazil: Home of Biodiversity

By Ariane Janer, co-founder, EcoBrasil

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