South America

South America

Accessible Ecotourism: Brazil Eco-Adventures for Everyone

By Adriana Braun and Julio Bin


Ecotourism for people in wheelchairs? You may wonder what that looks like, how it’s done. You’d be pleasantly surprised to learn that in many destinations there are efforts in place to improve tourism infrastructure to better serve people with disabilities. Brazil is one such example.

Brazil on Horseback: From Trail Riding to Horseback Archery

By Ariane Janér, Co-founder, EcoBrasil


When travelling through Brazil, you see horses everywhere. According to the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute's 2007 data, there are nearly 6 million horses in the country, which means Brazil has the fourth largest herd in the world.


ecoDestinations Brazil: Home of Biodiversity

By Ariane Janer, co-founder, EcoBrasil

Climate-Conscious Wings, Mitigating Carbon Emissions by Air Travel to Costa Rica

Peace with Nature

"Resources that accumulated over eons of geological time are being consumed in a single human lifespan. We are crossing natural thresholds that we cannot see and violating deadlines we do not recognize. These deadlines determined by nature are not politically negotiable." - Lester Brown, President, World Policy Institute


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