Braztoa Sustainability Awards 2013 reveal a great diversity of sustainable tourism initiatives in Brazil

Braztoa Sustainability Awards 2013 reveal a great diversity of sustainable tourism initiatives in Brazil

Roteiros de Charme, an association of independent boutique hotels which adhere to an environmental code since 1992, was the overall winner of the II Braztoa Sustainability Award on Novermber 12th 2013. But an international jury of 14 tourism specialists was impressed by the the great diversity of the 48 initiatives presented in 5 different categories : Hotels, Institutional Partners, Trade Partners (non-Braztoa members), Travel Agencies and Braztoa Members.

Over a period of 10 days, the jury read and evaluated the initiatives presented by the candidates, looking at how much they were contributing in each of the three dimensions of sustainable tourism (environmental, sócio-cultural and economic) and also if they were innovative, contributed to education, could be easily multiplied and also if the projects were well presented with tangible results and proofs.


And the winning Initiatives were:




1. Accor Brazil – Plant for the Planet, which translates environmental efficiency gains into trees



2. Eko Residence Hotel– a modern urban ecohotel, which has applied sustainable practices in planning, building and operating the hotel and monitors key indicators on a monthly basis.


3. Hotel Blumemberg – Consolidating Sustainability in a Certified Hotel



Institutional Partners


1. Roteiros de Charme – Monitoring Sustainability Impacts(overall winner)


2. Garupa Crowdfunding for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives


3. Pernambuco Tourism – Beaches accessible for all



Trade Partners


1. AOKA – Translating ecotourism in tangible benefits to communities visited


2. Recanto Ecologica da Prata – Sustainable Tourism in the Serra da Bodoquena


3. Raizes – Tourism and Local Development in the Jequitinonha Valley



Travel Agencies


1. Andarilhos da Luz – Community-based Tourism in the Serra de Espinhaço


2. Rota de Iguana – Developing Ecotourism Itineraries in Tocantins


3. Livre Mundi – Acessible Tourism





1. Agaxtur – Multiplying Sustainable Attitudes through the network of collaborators and partners


2. CVC – Reducing impacts in the supply chain – brochures and printing


3. New Age – Reducing printing impacts through digital solutions



The jury was composed of Mario Mantovani (SOS Mata Atlantica), Fernanda Daltro (UNEP-Brazil), Ronald Sanabria (Rainforest Alliance), Ariane Janér (Travelife, The International Ecotourism Society), Marcio Favilla (UNWTO), Oliver Hillel (UNEP CBD), Luis Carlos Vargas (Travelport), Mario Gasparini (Ifaseg/QBE), Margaret Grantham (Germany Tourism Center in Brazil), Gleyson Raineri (Air Canada), Fernando Beltrame (Eccaplan), Heloisa Prass (Panrotas), Mari Masgrau (Mercado e Eventos), Rosana Jatobá (Universo Jatobá), Claudia Tonaco (Travel 3), Caco de Paula (Planeta Sustentável), Paulina Chamorro (Radio Estadão) and Luisa Alcantara e Silva (Folha de São Paulo).


A publication on the sustainability cases of last years finalists was published earlier this year and this years initiatives will also be showcased in a new publication. Braztoa, the Brazilian Tour Operators Association, was founded in 1989 and has 90 tour operator members and 9 collaborator members. Braztoa members offer domestic (53%), outbound (47%) to Brazilians and also inbound tourism for foreign visitors. They repesent an estimated 90% of package tours sold in Brazil. Braztoa has been discussing and promoting sustainability initiatives since 2005. The Braztoa Sustainability Program was launched in 2011. The Program is focussing first on internal sustainability practices for tour operators and is now also starting to promote sustainability in its supply chain. In 2014, the Program aims to expand to help the consumer understand the importance of sustainability in tourism.


The prize receives financial, institutional and media support from Travelport, Ifaseg/QBE , DZT-Germany  ;Air Canada; GPST, Travelife, Panrotas, Mercado & Eventos, Travel 3, Planeta Sustentável/ Viagem Turismo; Eccaplan , Universo Jatobá and Sextante


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