Braztoa Sustainability Award Winners Announced

Braztoa Sustainability Award Winners Announced

Brazil Sustainability Award


BRAZTOA (Brazilian Tour Operator Association) announced the winners of the first edition of the Braztoa Sustainability Award, which seeks to promote the culture of sustainability in the Brazilian tourism sector. The presentation ceremony was held on December 11th at the Museum of the Brazilian House.


The winners were: Hotel Blumenberg (Canela-RS), Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata (Bonito-MS), Pousada Lagoa do Cassange (Maraú-BA), Campo dos Sonhos (Socorro-SP), and e Ambiental Viagens (São Paulo – SP). These winners were among the 18 finalists, which had been selected out of over 70 applicants by an international expert jury.


The jury was composed of the following specialists Marcio Favilla (UNWTO), Helena Rey (UNEP), Ronald Sanabria (Rainforest Alliance), Mario Mantovani (SOS Mata Atlântica), Carlos Rossin (PricewaterhouseCoopers) Ariane Janer (Travelife, TIES, EcoBrasil), Mario Gasparini (Ifaseg), Luis Carlos Vargas (Travelport), Fabiola Cidral (CBN), Heloisa Prass (Panrotas), Horacio Neves (Brasilturis) e Juan Torres (Mercado & Eventos).


"We are convinced that these actions will motivate others to invest in more initiatives and that this will benefit the tourism chain. It will also refine creativity and strengthen commitments so that we will have even more good news at the next awards", said BRAZTOA president, Marco Ferraz.


Award Categories

In the overall category Sustainability in Tourism, the award went to Hotel Blumenberg, which was certified under the Brazilian standard NBR 15.401, and has implemented, among other initiatives, a water management system (rainwater catchment, air conditioning condensation catchment, which accounts for 50% of water used in toilets).


In the Environmental category, the award went to Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata, which adopted practices like recycling of solid waste, organic kitchen garden, tree nursery, creation of a private reserve, environmental monitoring, visitor impact management, professional training, certified safety management and active participation in local destination stewardship.


In the Socio-cultural category, the award went to Pousada Lagoa do Cassange, NBR 15401 and Travelife Silver certified. Apart from environmental practices like solar heating, kitchen waste composting, rainwater catchment it also distinguished itself in the local community with social and cultural projects.


In the Economic category, Hotel Fazenda Campo dos Sonhos (Socorro-SP) won the award with its innovative Accessible Tourism project, which helps its guests with mobility problems participate in adventure activities such as zip lines and horse riding.


In the category Sustainability for Tour Operators and BRAZTOA members, the award went to tour operator Ambiental Viagens, which has invested in initiatives like Travel with a Conscience – SOS Mata Atlântica Trail Preservation; Native Bee Amazon Project, among others.


About Programa Braztoa de Sustentabilidade

Since 2005, BRAZTOA has made significant investments in sustainability, looking to motivate and help its members to implement sustainable tourism good practices, so that they become more responsible in social, economic and environmental aspects of the business.


The award is part of PROGRAMA BRAZTOA DE SUSTENTABILIDADE and was launched in September 2011, during the 36º Braztoa Trade Meeting. The idea of the Program is to disseminate knowledge and provide incentives for tour operator members and their counterparts to work with the tourism resources in an environmentally responsible, socially just and economically feasible way.


Braztoa is a partner in the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, a UN initiative, which has as its mission to transform the global tourism sector, providing incentives for sustainability, cooperation and exchange of experiences in order to ensure the long term economic health of the tourism sector, which depends for its success on destinations which preserve its natural and cultural heritage.





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