Brazil Roteiros de Charme Hotel Association: Secret to Success = Charm + Sustainability

Brazil Roteiros de Charme Hotel Association: Secret to Success = Charm + Sustainability

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Roteiros de Charme Hotel Association was founded in Rio de Janeiro by five independent hoteliers in 1992, immediately following UNCED, as a private non-profit organization. Recognising the pressure imposed by the growing tourism industry on the maintenance and integrity of ecosystems and biological diversity, its mission is to support actions that encourage environmental conservation where they operate, aiming at promoting the sustainable development of tourism in Brazil.


Roteiros de Charme has reaffirmed its commitment to the environment through the development and adoption of a voluntary Ethics and Environmental Code of Conduct in 1999 (available through the Association website), demonstrating an innovative business spirit which is essential for the sustainability of tourism in Brazil. Developed in close consultation with the Tourism Programme of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP-DTIE) in Paris, France, it has been implemented by all the Roteiros de Charme members throughout Brazil.


Since then, UNEP and Roteiros de Charme have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in 2003, which has been renewed twice, with the goal of continuing collaboration on training, awareness raising, and to further implement its Code of Conduct. A summary of the Code is disseminated through the Roteiros de Charme Passport Guide, published annually and distributed free of charge to guest, the public and trade operators, agencies and professionals.


In addition to uniting their individual standards of charm, quality of service and comfort, Roteiros de Charme members are devoted to the preservation of the 42 tourism destinations where they are located. All hotels of the Association seek to serve as centers to generate multipliers for social and environmental practices in their communities. The Association's programme has sought to build human capacities and to contribute to more sustainable and viable forms of social development.


Roteiros de Charme currently comprises 50 independent small and medium hotels, inns and ecological refuges, from Northern to Southern Brazil. The critical location of various member hotels, which are set near conservation areas and fragile ecosystems, such as the Atlantic Forest, Pantanal and Cerrado (Brazilian savannah), points to the importance of a continuous and sound environmental programme. Member Hotels are selected annually based on criteria for hospitality services, environmental and social responsibility and must be in compliance with labour, building and environmental legislation.


Its activities have contributed to reducing pressures and impacts, through:

  • Preventing pollution from untreated sewage, depletion of fresh water supplies, and potential contamination of aquifers and marine environments.
  • Decreasing generation of solid waste and inappropriate waste disposal.
  • Preventing loss of critical habitats and pressures on local fauna and flora.
  • Strengthening public awareness of biodiversity issues for staff, local inhabitants, visitors and guests.
  • Supporting endangered species conservation projects.
  • Preventing inappropriate design, building and land-use.
  • Promoting sound guest consumption patterns.

The Association has also been encouraging efforts in support of existing protected areas systems and biodiversity corridors such as the creation of private reserves. Roteiros de Charme continues to seek opportunities to implement sustainability initiatives through three main focus areas: (1) training and education, (2) monitoring and evaluation and (3) building partnerships.


Interested in learning more about the association? Contact: hotel[at]



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