"Boosting sustainability, quality and market visibility of green destinations" with Albert Salman

"Boosting sustainability, quality and market visibility of green destinations" with Albert Salman

EMC Expert Salmon Salman

"Boosting sustainability, quality and market visibility of green destinations" with Albert Salman

TIES Member and ESTC Speaker Albert Salman will be presenting July's edition of the Ecotourism Master Class Series on "Boosting sustainability, quality and market visibility of green destinations". Albert created Green Destinations, which is now developing into the Green Destinations Partnership, bringing together 30 international experts, companies, and NGOs. He is the initiator and manager of the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR), and of the international Seminar series "Green Destinations", that started to run in September 2014. Register here for the course!
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a global leader tourism destination sustainability. By working with industry and government partners on a day-to-day basis since 2006, I have assisted many destinations in improving their attractiveness, mainly by implementing sustainability principles.
In 2014 I created my own company, Green Destinations and a partnership of experts in 23 countries. Together with partners I created the first competition “Sustainable Destinations Top 100”, in 2014 (now being repeated for 2016), and in 2015 the (GSTC-Recognised) Green Destinations Standard, with an online assessment and reporting platform and destinations database.
When did you first hear about ecotourism?
It must have been during the early stages of its emergence in the 1980s, since I was already following international developments at that time. As a student I loved to go off the beaten track in the Mediterranean in spring.
What are some of the challenges that destinations face on their path towards becoming sustainable?
Globalization is bringing about a Pandora's Box. Think about cruise ships bringing more and more ill-prepared fun-seeking crowds poking around with selfie-sticks to previously pristine islands and coasts; and about the multi-national franchise chains of replacing the traditional local shops and cafes, and killing the local identity of the place. Think about the big booking platforms, out-competing many traditional destination booking websites, almost forcing hotels to link up, and draining 15 to 20% from the destinations’ income to foreign shareholders. Many destinations see quick wins in attracting more visitors, new types of visitors (e.g. Chinese) and trying to adapt to them. This new type of colonization hits the carrying capacity of many destinations, and offers huge threats to the sense of place, the local community structure and economy.
Which destinations stand out to you in terms of best practices?
Definitely most of the destinations in the Green Destinations Community, that refuse to be re-colonized and squashed like lemons. Our new Standard will help them avoiding this, and I like seeing how Azores, West-Portugal, Alonissos (Greece) and Gozo (Malta) are developing, some even with cruise tourism.
EMC Expert Albert SalmonWhat can tourism professionals hope to learn from the course?
  • They will learn more about:
  • The destination concept and why it is also relevant to eco-resorts, regions and even countries;
  • Destination quality, and how this benefits from a sustainability, with reference to the GSTC Criteria for Destinations, the (GSTC-Recognized) Green Destinations Standard;
  • Assessment & reporting system: why it is a must for destinations (incl. eco-resorts and regions) to have such a system, and how to put it in place;
  • Destination information: illustrate how destinations and travel agencies can benefit from a focus on sustainability in marketing (without even using the word sustainability);
  • 2016 Sustainable Destinations Top 100: sneak insight into the selection of the Top 100, and providing a last chance to nominate your destination.


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For more information about Albert Salman and his work:
Attend Global Green Destinations Day: http://greendestinationsday.com/


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