Baja's Sea Turtles Need Your Help

Baja's Sea Turtles Need Your Help

Mexico - Protect Baja Loggerhead Sea Turtles


More than 2,000 loggerhead sea turtles died in fishing nets last summer in Baja California Sur, Mexico. TIES member SEE Turtles is working with a coalition of organizations to urge the Mexican government to take action on this problem. This effort needs the help of the ecotourism community and SEE Turtles is asking international tour operators and tourism organizations to show their support by signing on to the letter.


SEE Turtles has put together a letter praising the government's past efforts to protect wildlife and making the case that protecting wildlife is good for the tourism business. 5 operators signed on so far including G Adventures, Planeterra Foundation, EcoTeach, Journey Mexico, and Reefs to Rockies and the goal is to have at least 10 operators and organizations.


Your support on this letter would be a huge help to this campaign. You can find a copy of the letter and more information about this issue on the SEE Turtles website here.


If your organization would like to sign, please contact Brad Nahill at SEE Turtles at brad[at]



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