Award Winning BBC Documentary Maker Simon Reeve at the University of Derby, Buxton

Award Winning BBC Documentary Maker Simon Reeve at the University of Derby, Buxton

Award winning BBC documentary maker helps launch new ecotourism degree

On Friday 19th July, the University of Derby Buxton will host the award winning BBC documentary maker Simon Reeve to help launch their new ecotourism degree. The University of Derby Buxton has recently a B.Sc. Ecotourism, which is the only degree of its type in the U.K.


Simon ReeveSimon Reeve is an adventurer in the true sense of the word - he has visited over 110 countries throughout an exciting career as a broadcaster, documentary maker and author. He is currently on the BBC in his latest Australian travel documentary series, but he is also well known for his Places That Don't Exist series (2005), where he travelled around unrecognised and often highly dangerous states, his Equator, Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer series, where he followed the equator and tropics around the world and most recently, his Indian Ocean series (2012), where he travelled through a variety of incredible landscapes in Eastern Africa, the Gulf and India; including war zones, pristine coastal areas and some of the most remote locations on earth.


Simon's documentaries are compassionate, focusing on very human stories in lesser visited places. His work documents challenging and difficult issues, especially in relation to environmental damage, conflict and poverty, in many of the world’s poorest and most politically isolated states. He has been recognised several times for this work, including winning the prestigious Ness Award at the Royal Geographical Society in 2012.


He is also a New York Times best-selling author, the recipient of many broadcaster awards and an ambassador for a number of conservation NGOs and charities, including the WWF. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and his travel documentaries have been described by a Lonely Planet editor as 'the best travel television programmes of the past five years'.


Reeve was invited to launch the new ecotourism degree at Derby as his work is particularly sympathetic to the role of tourism in poverty causation and alleviation; topics which increasingly feature in tourism academia over the past decade. Dr. Tony Johnston, a Lecturer in Ecotourism at the University of Derby notes, that tourism is "a really invasive industry, which often causes great social and environmental impacts. Despite what many believe, tourism can even be a net contributor to poverty. We're delighted to have Simon speak in Buxton, as his work has helped expose many of the paradoxes embedded in the industry, particularly in relation to economic, environmental and social impacts."


However, Johnston also notes the lack of appropriately trained graduates in tourism generally and ecotourism specifically. "As tourism continues to grow globally, with less and less of the planet remaining 'untouched', we need graduates who have both the social and physical science skills to understand the impacts of the industry. But the good news is with better standards of education in the industry, we can reduce or even remove many of the negative impacts. Our ecotourism degrees combine a mixture of the physical and social science modules which we believe will help achieve this; including GIS Mapping, Nature Conservation and Critical Reflections on Ecotourism to meet this demand."


For more information on the event please email Tony Johnston on a.johnston[at]


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