Alternative Walking Trail Proposed Along Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Alternative Walking Trail Proposed Along Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Annapurna - Great Himalaya Trail

Concerns About Road Development in the Himalayas

For those dismayed over the construction of a new road along the Annapurna trekking circuit (a trek within the Annapurna mountain range of central Nepal, which is part of The Great Himalaya Trail), the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) is contemplating the development of a new walking trail that will stretch along the Annapurna circuit away from the road.


The road construction has disappointed many tourists and trekking enthusiasts as it shortens the trek almost by half. Pollution from motor vehicles is another worry, said chief of ACAP Manang, Parash Bikram Singh.


"Taking these complaints to heart, we have decided to open a new walking trail on which trekkers will enjoy the scenery and the trek at the same time," said Singh.


With easier accessibility along the trekking circuit due to the newly-constructed road, the typically 28-day route can now be covered in just five days. The trekking distance will shrink further next year after the final phase of road construction connecting Chame to Tanki. Singh noted that the new trekking route would be developed on the opposite side of the road.


Construction of a New Trekking Circuit in Annapurna

The new walking trail would start from Chamche in Lamjung, passing Siran Tal, Dharapani, Thoche, Ekalbhatti, Danaque and Koto before reaching Chame. "The trail will then continue on to Manang villages and the survey for this part has already been done," said Singh.


"Based on the preliminary survey, the alternative walking trail will be around 63-km long. The old route, which stretches from Chamche to Manang bazaar, is 62 km," he added.


Construction of the alternative trail will cost around Rs 40 million.


"As of now, we are meeting the expenses through ACAP and seeking financial assistance from Manang District Development Committee and the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN)," Singh added. "The new trail will be three-feet wide and the construction will take around two years."


Binod Gurung, Chairperson of Tourist Management Committee Manang, emphasized the urgent need for another walking trail. "The number of tourists coming for trekking has deceased a lot in recent years, mostly after the introduction of vehicles along the trail. I am sure the alternative trail will lure tourists in the future," he said.


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