Adventures of a Mathematician and T.D.S.

Adventures of a Mathematician and T.D.S.







Nabraj Roshyara is a unlikely candidate for a travel agent: being born in the Far Western region of Nepal he first moved to Kathmandu and then to Germany, where he now pursues a PhD in Applied Mathematics. “I started bringing fellow students from Germany to the Far West to show them where I come from. I was a little bit worried at first, because there is no infrastructure for tourism at all in these remote districts”, Nabraj explains. While many tourists flock to Nepal to marvel at its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and its Himalayan ranges, foreign visitors rarely make it to the Far Western Region of the country. A lack of adequate infrastructure and services makes the Far West relatively inaccessible, which also worried Nabraj: “I thought my friends would not be able to cope without the ameneties of a Western life. But they were interested in an adventure, so I brought a group of friends to my home district in Nepal in 2009”, he explains. Nabraj remembers this first trip back to the Far West as quite challenging: “There were no facilities at all. No hotels, no drinking water, no signs along the way, we got lost many times”. Nevertheless, his friends enjoyed the trip so much that he decided to return with more people. Advertising his tour in online forums, at Nepali restaurants in Germany and at his university’s blackboard, Nabraj gathered a group of young travelers willing to attempt a longer trip around the Far West.


Nepal and the Tourism Development Society


Nabraj then contacted a newly founded NGO, the Tourism Development Society (TDS) in Dhanghadi to help him prepare a trip on a larger scale. TDS seeks to provide a platform that connects local tourism-related businesses with visitors. TDS is supported by the Nepali-German project “Inclusive Development of the Economy” (INCLUDE).  INCLUDE is an initiative implemented under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

“Of course TDS was eager to help. We made an itinerary to visit Rara Lake, Kapta and some places, which are not even on the map yet. TDS sent one of their staff, Ashish Chaudhary with us as a guide. It was tough at times, we had to walk 25-30kms a day”. According to Nabraj, there is a lot left to do to develop the tourism sector in the Far West.


“We can see how the work of TDS and especially their network of Tourist Action Groups has made it easier to travel in remote districts. For example, we could use their network to book a homestay ahead of time and to interact with local people.” It is especially the later that Nabraj remembers about his trip: “We all enjoyed our homestay. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. My only regret is that I could not promise our hosts to bring more tourists to their villages”.


Nabraj has reached his aim to show people the natural beauty of the area he grew up in, but he hopes that the trip he has organized will only be the beginning of a new trend to visit the remotest region of Nepal. Ultimately, his wish is to see the Far West grow sustainably.   



About the Tourism Development Society


Established in August 2012, Tourism Development Society is a young Destination Management Organization, which promotes sustainable and responsible tourism development in the Far-West region to achieve the well-being of local communities and conservation of the fragile environment. Development of the Far West as a touristic area also means for T.D.S. as way to increase the income and employment opportunities for the local people, which will leads in future to socially-balanced economic growth.



Article Written By- Barbara Orth


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