Vesselka Consulting Ltd. and WWF-Turkey Proudly Announce a Workshop for the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program

Vesselka Consulting Ltd. and WWF-Turkey Proudly Announce a Workshop for the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program

Vesselka Consulting Ltd. and WWF-Turkey Proudly Announce a Workshop for the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program

Integrated Rural Tourism Program for the Black Sea Region draws participants from Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia

  London, Istanbul: Today, Vesselka Consulting Ltd., an international advisory firm and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - Turkey, announced that they will hold a workshop on sustainable rural tourism in the Azdavay District of Kastamonu Province in northern Turkey from June 22 through June 24 with participants representing destination operators, tourism agencies, NGOs and government officials from Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia. Azdavay, at the edge of the Küre Mountains National Park, a member of Pan Park (Protected Area Network integrating nature conservation and tourism), represents a major jumping-off point for visiting ancient historical sites in this region of Northern Turkey and for trekkers visiting the park.

The workshop is one event within the larger goal of the program to unify rural communities of the Black Sea region around common standards, values and interests regarding sustainable eco-tourism under a common visual banner, contributing to the economic, cultural and social developments of rural communities.


The event is hosted by the Küre Mountains Ecological Society with the support of Vesselka Consulting Ltd. and WWF-Turkey.


“This activity will mark a new stage in the development of ecotourism in the region, which is exceptionally rich and colorful. This is the first time that local stakeholders from Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia will get together with their neighbors from the other sides of the Black Sea around common values and interests. The success of this process will assure that the future will certainly be better not only for local communities but also for the sustainability of natural and cultural assets as well as the visitors who will enjoy this unique region” said Sedat Kalem, the Conservation Director of WWF-Turkey.


Vesselka added, “This event is the first regional meeting for the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program following a year of community stakeholder studies and planning. The Program will establish a unified, regional net-work of rural community sustainable tourism products under a permanent visual banner focusing on the region’s vast web of interconnected multicultural experiences, ecological diversity and history spanning thousands of years. The aim is not to simply expand a sector, but to open up new opportunities for rural communities through eco-tourism and preserving the cultural heritage and environment of the region” said Richard Shepard, Director of Vesselka Consulting Ltd.


About Vesselka Consulting and WWF- Turkey:
Vesselka Consulting Ltd., ( is an independent international organization offering a broad range of professional services. It designs and implements initiatives that achieve results and make a difference for private sector clients, donors and, most importantly, for the communities in which it works.


WWF-Turkey (; was founded in 2001 as part of the WWF network. Its mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.


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