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J&M Eco Adventure Tours

  • About Us

    Jay Shaw and Maura Vaca and the owners and operators of J&M Eco Adventure Tours. We started with small 2 day tours in 2012 that visited a small tribe in the Ecuador amazon. Now we offer 4 distinct guided tours to different areas in Ecuador. We are based in Quito Ecuador but our tours pass through many amazing areas of ecuador giving our clients unique cultural experiences. Our tours are available all year long and we offer a mixture of these tours on monthy basis.

    Sustainability Practices

    We keep our transportation times down by developing a circuit for travel. Starting at point A and return to point A. Our tours are walking and hiking based and transportation is kept to a limit. We also promote 100% made Ecuadorian products. Wholesome organic meals are provided for our clients and we only partner with others that provide services with low impact on the environment.

    We are in contact with many indigenous people and we share information with each other. We offer them examples of what has happened in other ares of the world as a result of impracticle use. We also brief our clients before our tours on what we expect from them when travelling in their host country. While guiding we often point out areas of interest and changes regarding enviromental impacts.

    My favorite part of what we do! When we introduce our clients to their host, both parties always engage in positive experiences. The learning curve is dramatic and eye opening. Each person is unique and everyone brings experiences with them. The knowledge that can be exchanged is immense and each client experiences person growth in postive ways.

    In our tours we visit conservation areas. We contribute finacially by bringing our clients to these areas. This money is used to keep the parks and conservation areas funded.

    We encourage and reward locals that wish to work with us. If they meet our business standards that we have set, then we are more than happy to bring them clients. Often other locals see the opportunities and work hard as well to adapt to eco tourism and enter into it.

    We often volunteer time in teaching english in schools. Politics has been hard for us because we are a fairly new operator, operating in a foreign country. We want to be more established so that when we do voice our opinions, they are respected and not rejected. We hope to become established more with the countries tourism board. Often we speak with local tribes and co-operators in making improvements to environmental impacts.


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