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Himalayan Glacier Trekking (P) Ltd

  • About Us

    We are professionally leading adventure tour and trekking agency based in Kathmandu having LLC office in North America at Charlotte. Himalayan Glacier considering the issues of ecotourism enhances to unveil the mysteriously enthralling treasures of Himalayas and cultural diversities of Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet to the global travelers. We are more aware the impacts of human imprints on the delicate sense and sensibilities of Himalayan pristine land and its indigenous cultural diversities while delivering our expertise to our visitors.

    Sustainability Practices

    We are pretty much aware that the tourism business transacts peoples’ homes, their cultures, and the natural environment. The transactions have interconnection with other aspects of human lives. Since we practice responsible tourism and our policies are guided by the principles for socioeconomic and environmental responsibility. In this regard, we consciously make our endeavor to engage in sustainable tourism practices. Our environmental protection engagements are:

    ·     We have launched a number of eco-projects in the last few years in co-operation with the Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP),

    ·     We proudly participated in the Dhaulagiri Base Camp Clean-Up Campaign in which we removed 33,000 kilograms of tin, glass, batteries and cylinders from the area,

    ·     We further accomplished the Annapurna (Ghandruk - Ghorepani) Clean-Up Campaign in (Feb27-10th March) 2004,

    ·     We have also carried out numerous specialized adventure and tour activities such as charity treks, fund raising treks, treks for school students, corporate adventure activities, and others,

    ·     We design our itineraries and operate on the field guided by the principles of ecotourism and sustainable tourism,

    ·     All our staffs have been given environmental training and are all very sensitive to the delicate eco-systems they enter, and

    ·     We believe in "Take Pictures, Leave Only Foot Prints" to preserve the delicate environment.


    Our Initiatives to Social Responsibilities  

    Tourism industry transacts human cultures, people and their habitats, and hospitalities at various levels. The wilderness tourism transactions appear to be possible at the cost of land grabs, forced displacement, loss of livelihoods, environmental degradation, cultural erosion, and compromised access to essential natural resources.

    In this respect, Himalayan Glacier is committed to minimize the impact of wilderness tourism through socioeconomic undertakings. Each year we contribute 1% of our annual profit to Child Environment Nepal (CEN), a non-government organization oriented to educate and care for Nepalese children orphaned by the civil war in Nepal.


    Our belief in Ecotourism

    Exceeding beyond commercial interest, tourism should be redefined and covered the issues like how to minimize the impact of wilderness tourism on our pristine ecology, how to create cultural awareness to keep intact the environment, how to conserve environment while empowering the local marginalized communities to the well being of their economic status, and overall how to materialized concept of sustainable tourism. The pristine ecology is very much volatile and fragile. Since, tourism only for commercial interests underestimates the nexus between and among ecology and economic well being and empowerment of minority cultural heritage paving the degrading consequences into loss of human culture, economic marginalization, erosion of natural flora and fauna, and destruction of natural habitats of millions of species. Therefore, we believe in sustainable tourism in the sense that upcoming generations even can imagine life upon the face of earth.

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