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International Ecolodge Guidelines (TIES-EXCHANGE Member log-in required)

Given the continued demand for ecotourism destinations, the increase in numbers of lodging facilities seems inevitable, and for this reason, these guidelines have been written to allow for the creation of ecolodges. Our aim has been to provide a framework for the design, development and operations of future lodges such that they uphold the social and ecological integrity of their given environments, and thereby allow for sustained benefits from ecotourism without damaging or destroying the very natural resources on which they depend. (© 2002 The International Ecotourism Society)


The Business of Ecolodges: A Survey of Ecolodge Economics and Finance (TIES-EXCHANGE Member log-in required)

Ecolodge sponsors and managers are diverse and include communities, corporations, families, governments, NGOs and individual entrepreneurs. This diversity exacerbates the fact that little or no information on the economics and financing of ecolodges is available. As a result, entrepreneurs and financiers have not had a sound base to make financial projections, evaluate requests for funding, or benchmark their performance relative to their competition. (© 2001 The International Ecotourism Society)


ICF Study on Nature-based Lodges

In 2003 and 2004, TIES and Epler Wood International were involved in a major study, on behalf of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, of the environmental, social, and economic footprint of ecolodges and nature-based lodges around the world. TIES implemented a detailed survey to compile data on the current practices of the nature lodges operating in developing countries with significant nature tourism offerings.


Ecolodge Development Part 1

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Ecolodge Development 2

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Ecolodge Development 3

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More on Ecolodges

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Latest News and Articles on Ecolodges

Interview with CapeNature, A TIES Premium Plus Member CapeNature, a TIES Premium Plus Member, is a public institution with the responsibility for biodiversity conservation in the Western Cape. They are driven to create a successful "conservation economy", in which all the citizens of the Western Cape community transform the area's biodiversity into source of local economic development. In order to achieve these goals, they implement various programs such as youth education, stewardship, and ecotourism development.  1. Why do you see sustainability as important...
    TIES welcomes it's newest Lifetime Member, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge which fully supports and practices the policy of sustainable tourism.  Located in the foothills of the Annapurna range of Nepal where the surrounding area is under diverse pressure, there is a need for sound and sensitive management.  As well as being committed to the protection and enhancement of the natural environment, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge feels privileged that the local people and communities are partners, stakeholders, and vital resources in their business.   Tiger...
OUR EFFORTS TO CREATE A GREEN SPACE IN MAI CHAU Mai Chau is a mountainous region located in Hoa Binh Province, approximately 135 km from Hanoi (3.5 hour drive)and 65 km from Hòa Bình town. This idyllic valley is embraced by emerald mountains and clouds, making it an retreat centre in North Vietnam. 1. Natural conditions in Mai Chau Mai Chau is a mountainous district, located in the northwest of Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. Its climate is influenced significantly by the northwestern monsoon regime, with distinct aspects of the tropical climate of high mountains. The...
  An Ecotourism HopTour of Ecuador   After a great ESTC conference in Quito, Florie went on an ecotourism “HopTour” of Ecuador. While she is traveling, she gives good tips in marketing to responsible hotels, lodges and community-based tourism centers in exchange for room and board while sharing their best practices in sustainable tourism making short videos (read previous article on TIES about the Hopineo initiative for a better tourism). She had already traveled this way from Mexico to Colombia and she’s sharing with us a compilation of videos she shot...
  The Story of Jempue & Tatatúa   In honor of International Migratory Bird Day, we hope you enjoy this traditional story told by older members of the Shuar Amazonian Tribe, just as they heard from their elders when they were younger. It is a tale of two men from the early foundation of the Shuar tribe named Tatatúa and Jempue.   For each young man the tribe assigned responsibilities as they came into adulthood. Tatatúa was assigned to work at a mine. There alone, he was not very committed to his work and was a bit lazy. To pass the days he...
Latin Trails adds HakunaMatata Amazon lodge to its portfolio Ecuador based tour operator, to provide stability to sustainable eco friendly property in the Amazon rainforest.   February 9,
(Quito, Ecuador)
–Latin Trails tour operator, which has been operating for over 20 years on the local market in Quito - Ecuador, has recently acquired a small Eco-lodge to its diverse travel property portfolio. The Hakuna Matata eco-lodge is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, nearby the small town of Archidona, where exclusive nature lovers can fully enjoy from a "close watch" the...
Proposed New Development Puts Ecuadorian Indigenous Tribe at Risk of Extinction What's the experience of an indigenous people whose thousands-year-old culture is threatened by oil interests?   Ecuador's award-winning ecotourism company, Tropic Journeys in Nature (Tropic), since 1994 has led tours through the country's most engaging landscapes. This includes a region occupied by the Huaorani, one of the most isolated ethnic groups in the world, in contact with the so-called the civilized world only since the mid 20th century and today threatened by global oil...
Photo by Samuel Melim, Cristalino Lodge   Cristalino Jungle Lodge was selected as one of the "25 Best Ecolodges 2013" by National Geographic Traveler magazine and will be featured in the June / July 2013 issue, as well as listed in a special Best Lodges photo gallery on National Geographic Traveler's award-winning website.   The selection process was competitive and our editorial team worked long and hard to find 2013's best, most authentic, most sustainable lodges. "This year marks the 125th anniversary of the National Geographic Society. The...
An Authentic Ecolodge Under Construction in Dominica Kwanari Ecolodge, a project owned by Kasswebb Ltd., is located in Castle Bruce, on the eastern side of Dominica, which is 10 km south of the only native territory in the Caribbean – Kalinago. The Kwanari Ecolodge site occupies approximately seven acres and has been planned and designed by a team led by Hitesh Mehta from the USA and managed by Leonard Andre from Dominica, marrying international knowledge with local wisdom. The site includes a wellness center, forest and ocean villas, tree house, library, conference/local...
Our current issue article series this week focuses on the concept of "luxury" in ecotourism. What does luxury mean to you, as an eco-tourist, or from the perspective of an ecotourism business or destination? What are some examples of ecolodges and eco-destinations incorporating "luxury" into the experiences they offer? What kind of luxury do eco-tourists seek? Head over to TIES-EXCHANGE to add your comments and ideas related to this topic! (Member log-in required)     Some may consider "luxury ecotourism" an oxymoron. However,...


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