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International Ecolodge Guidelines (TIES-EXCHANGE Member log-in required)

Given the continued demand for ecotourism destinations, the increase in numbers of lodging facilities seems inevitable, and for this reason, these guidelines have been written to allow for the creation of ecolodges. Our aim has been to provide a framework for the design, development and operations of future lodges such that they uphold the social and ecological integrity of their given environments, and thereby allow for sustained benefits from ecotourism without damaging or destroying the very natural resources on which they depend. (© 2002 The International Ecotourism Society)


The Business of Ecolodges: A Survey of Ecolodge Economics and Finance (TIES-EXCHANGE Member log-in required)

Ecolodge sponsors and managers are diverse and include communities, corporations, families, governments, NGOs and individual entrepreneurs. This diversity exacerbates the fact that little or no information on the economics and financing of ecolodges is available. As a result, entrepreneurs and financiers have not had a sound base to make financial projections, evaluate requests for funding, or benchmark their performance relative to their competition. (© 2001 The International Ecotourism Society)


ICF Study on Nature-based Lodges

In 2003 and 2004, TIES and Epler Wood International were involved in a major study, on behalf of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, of the environmental, social, and economic footprint of ecolodges and nature-based lodges around the world. TIES implemented a detailed survey to compile data on the current practices of the nature lodges operating in developing countries with significant nature tourism offerings.


Ecolodge Development Part 1

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Ecolodge Development 2

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Ecolodge Development 3

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