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    The story of Bukla goes back to 1991 when we went on our first major expedition around the lush and mysterious Black Sea Coast of Turkey. Being completely mesmerized with the way natural wonders and thousand years of history come together, we went on countless hikes around numerous cultural sites, trekked many undiscovered trails, organized challinging expeditions and in time became certified tour guides who we are also experts at the various sports activities in the various destinations around Turkey.


    Our enthusiasm for discovering nature, culture and people led us to share our experience with large numbers of friends and nature lovers, who helped us realize that the way we offer the many tours in our programs are actually quite unique.


    In 2000 we founded Bukla and pride ourselves in offering what came to be known as 'possibly the best nature tours of Turkey'. We owe our fame to practicing our passion for a living, which in this day and age seems to have become a rarity. With the exeption of beach tours, we do our best to bring you anything and everything from tropical forests to endemic plants, extinct mammals to authentic cultures in Turkey.


    We are intended for international tour operators who are interested operating tours in Turkey. All our tours can be customized for any specific group, regardless of their ethnic, racial and religious differances. Bukla is open to partnership with interested parties and can operate tours in Turkey on their behalf. We hope you will be exited to discover what our tours have to offer and look forward to having you contact us soon. 

    Sustainability Practices

    Our mission is to improve and establish ecotourism in Turkey. İt is with great dedication that Bukla offers nature friendly tours and works to promote sustainability in the ecosystems around Turkey.  Famous for its custom tours that include the must see locations and hidden treasures, Bukla tours are alternatives to mass tourism ensuring a variety of personal experiences at all the featured destinations.


    Bukla recognizes the importance of preserving the unique fauna and flora in the Anatolian plain as well as the authentic cultures in the region where thousands of years history lies waiting to be discovered. Our vision is to establish awareness and appreciation of natural and cultural riches of Turkey through the ecotours we offer. We always strive to be the best tour agency that offers the higher standards of service. Establishing a feeling of trust and appeciation with our clients and partners is and will always be our top priority. 


    Bukla gives utmost importance to ecotourism, to being restpectful and responsible towards the nature, culture and people. Complying with the laws and regulations of natural and historical preservation, Bukla organizes tours that are not intrusive to the habitat of the region.

    Bukla also works to the support local economies by employing as many services locally as possible. Bukla years of expertise in all its destinations provides a reliable network of local services that include but are not limited to accomodation, transportation, eateries, equipment rentals, guides and bed & breakfasts.


    Bukla tours are designed in compliance with the rules and regulations determined by national parks and nature preservation sites. The idea of being least intrusive is one of the main reasons why Bukla chooses to tour small groups in generel. Bukla activities are designed not to pollute the water, earth or air in any way. Bukla collects its camp site trash and disposes it at locations assigned by national parks. 

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