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Benin Ecotourism Concern

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    The mission of EcoBenin is ensuring better living standards of communities at local and national level through ecotourism and eco-development promotion as a sustainable management of natural resources. The Benin Ecotourism Concern (ECO-BENIN NGO) was created in 1999 as a working group for nature promotion in Benin through ecotourism to establish and maintain good working relationship between local and international non governmental organisations, regional and international wildlife societies, travel industries, and other relevant bodies.

    Sustainability Practices

    All the ecotourism services are conducted by local communities so that the profit from ecotourism goes to the local inhabitants. Environmental education activities are being conducting in the schools of the riparian villages. Mangroves trees are being planted by tourists and villagers as a carbon offset activity. A cook stooves project is being set up around the Pendjari National Park. The tours have been set up to educate villagers in nature conservation and local culture respect. We work in Ramsar areas and around national parks. Waste management program is being run in several riparian villages.  


    Nature Protection: nature conservation activities are conducted in villages with a great emphasis on threatened species such as monkeys, birds, fishes.


    Environmental aspects: ecotourism rules are developed and tourists are sensitised. Each tour has capacity of load.  carbon offset projects are developped.


    Cultural aspects: traditional nature conservation measures have been revitalized and integrated to tours to promote respect to local traditions and culture.


    Social economic aspects: local employment and development, supporting providing for villagers activities such as non conventional rearing (rabbit, snail, aulocode) and garden products producing, fish breeding.


    Education and Information: visitors’ information center, guided tours

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