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    Africa Wild Truck is a tour operator born from the passion for travelling and from the numerous African experiences. We would like to be able to tell you adventurous tales and entertain you with fantastic stories to explain you how this idea was born, but that will not be possible because, as often happens, it comes from the simple emotions that lead to the great daring adventure and this is how everything began, during our African nights, camping on the banks of the Zambezi, talking around the fire-camp, nursed by the starlight and the aroma of coffee, entranced by the symphony of noises and sounds of a continent that let us live and that we live to the end.

    Sustainability Practices

    Africa Wild Truck means travelling, being in contact with the wild nature of Africa, and the deep cultural traditions of its people, taking unusual roads for traditional tourism, relying on the local facilities. We call our trips, "expeditions", a word which seems to better encompass the spirit of adventure and discovery of wild places, the capacity of necessary adaptability and the desire of sharing this experience with others. Our programs are carefully prepared, but during our expeditions, we like to improvise a ballgame in a small out-of-the-way village, or take a break to taste the local cuisine, or stop to meander through the colourful stands of fruits and vegetables in an outdoor marketplace in Malawi. A characteristic of our travellers is to be open and willing to live an adventure rather than to simply have an organized trip: our staff will be happy to be with you in a journey. A journey, not a holiday. We travel with few people, maximum 13. We use internet and e-mail as the main way of communication. We support local organization. We use batteries from our vehicles to recharge all the electric device, when in travel. We recycle! We also prefer to use local and small accommodation and what we consider the best sustainable choice. To bring benefits to nature and local people through eco- tourism is our inspiration. We are involved in projects of nature conservancy and we donate part of our income to associations like Around AWT. We donate! We offer our money to conservation society/organization. We use local and small accommodation. We promote "local" instead "global".

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The Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference will highlight global challenges and local opportunities, supporting sustainable development of tourism and promoting solutions that balance conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

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