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    3 Sisters Adventure Trekking and Empowering Women of Nepal work together to empower women through Female Trekking Guide Training Programs. Producing a skilful and knowledgeable guide is a long process, especially as many of the women come from disadvantaged, rural areas and have had little education. We do not yet have enough female guides to meet the demand, so please be understanding if you have a male guide. Our aim is to provide you with an experienced guide who is knowledgeable about the area you are trekking in and speaks good English. By providing female assistant guides and assistants (porters), we give the women the opportunity to improve their skills, learn as they work and practice their English. Take the opportunity to talk to your assistant and help improve her English - maybe learn some Nepali from her as well!

    Sustainability Practices

    Avantage Ventures - Creating Social Change Capital


    Since it's founding in 1994, 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking has encouraged environmentally friendly trekking in Nepal, meanwhile breaking down social barriers facing women in this region. The organisation has trained more than 600 women in Nepal in adventure tourism skills, including English lessons, nutrition, environmental conservations, culture, and natural history. They have driven clean-up projects in local villages and lakes and educate locals and visitors on environmental protection practices.



    Social Impact 

    - Trained more than 600 women since 1994
    - Hygiene Programs
    - Breaking women out of the traditional roles in Nepal


    Financial Impact

    - Local community economic development through familial development by employing mothers


    Environmental Impact

    - Waste Disposal Programs for tourists, including limits on hazardous waste such as disposable batteries


    Background & Business Description


    Founded in 1994, 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking is a socially driven business operating in Nepal. It was founded to empower women in the region and to bring revenue to some of the poorest areas of Nepal. In conjunction with the 3 Sisters managed non-governmental organization, Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN), training programs are offered to Nepalese women to become adventure professionals.


    The three Chhetri sisters stepped out of the traditional bounds of Nepalese society and decided to begin an all women trekking service to cater to women travelers as well as enable their peers to work in the industry. The eldest sister, Lucky Chhetri trained in the Himalayan Mountaineering Training Institute in Darjeeling, India in 1990, which sparked, her and her sisters’ interest in adventure trekking in the Himalayas.


    As Nepal is a geographically isolated area, with very few roads extending into the deep hill areas. The vast majority of villages can only be reached on foot. From steep terraced mountainsides to high altitude deserts, life in the mountain villages continues today as it has for thousands of years, allowing visitors a glimpse into a strong cultural history. The 3 Sisters provides access for visitors to explore this region in a sustainable manner.


    The training provided by the 3 Sisters includes a one-month program that covers leadership, English lessons, nutrition, environmental conservation practices, culture, and national history.  The training is free of charge, and 3 Sisters provides lodging for women from remote areas.  Graduates are offered a 5-month paid apprentice program where they refine their trekking skills and continue education in more advanced and specialized fields.


    Women who participate in the program not only benefit by earning an income and gaining a connection to the outside world, their training allows them to bring benefits to their own villages and surrounding villages, through the income they generate.  Surrounding villages produce additional food and cooking services for the trekking groups, which also attracts income to the area. Furthermore, the women enhance their knowledge on nutrition, food preparation, hygiene, and waste disposal. The waste disposal education results in visible improvement in sanitation.  Community organized village clean-ups and neighboring lake clean-up projects are being held regularly.  Starting in Western Nepal, 3 Sisters is establishing a model for positive ecotourism with minimal environmental impact that can be replicated anywhere in Nepal and beyond.


    3 Sisters has trained more than 600 women.  The team is comprised of 20 permanent staff and 125 seasonal staff. While some of the trained women continue to work with 3 Sisters, others go on to work in a variety of tourism related jobs.  Many women have also gone on to further their education, support themselves working as trekking guides, or start their own tourism related businesses.


    3 Sisters is growing with the help of friends, family and many organizations. They have recently been rewarded the "GameChangers: Change the Game for Women in Sport" competition sponsored by Nike and Ashoka Changemakers. They were also the winners of "Travel & Leisure magazine's 2008 Global Vision Awards." 3 Sisters is currently looking for partners to expand their Ice Climbing training program which will enable them to train and employee more women.


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